Central Illinois Soybean Processor Bids
Springfield, IL     Tue, Mar 02, 2021     USDA-IL Dept of Ag Market News

Central Illinois Soybean Processor report

With the upcoming transition of Feedstuffs to the MARS platform and My Market News.

The Central Illinois soybean processor report will transition to a weekly release
beginning 03/02/21.  Soybean bids will be continue to be accessible on the Illinois
Daily Grain Bids report at: https://www.ams.usda.gov/mnreports/AMS_3192.pdf 

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Central Illinois Processor Bids and Offers as of 2:30 p.m.
(Prices Quoted-Oil Cents/lb, Meal, Hulls Dollars/ton, Grains Dollars/bu)

                         Offers      Change           Basis          Change
Crude Soybean Oil   53.27-53.52      UP 1.5-UP 1      200H to 225H   UP 100-UP 50

48% Soybean Meal R  419.70-421.70    UP 2.5-UP 1.5    -2K to Opt K   NO COMP

48% Soybean Meal T  421.70-436.70    UP 3.5-UP 1.5    Opt K to 15K   nO cOMP

Soybean Hulls-bulk  175.00-190.00    UNCH

Soybeans - can be found at https://www.ams.usda.gov/mnreports/AMS_3192.pdf

Changes in oil are cents per pound, changes in meals/hulls are dollars
per ton, changes in soybeans are cents per bushel.
Soybeans = US 1 Yellow; Soybean Meal R = Rail, T = Truck

Chicago Board of Trade month symbols: F January, G February, H March, J April,
K May, M June, N July, Q August, U September, V October, X November, Z December
Monthly Prices for: January 2021

Soybeans                      13.8500
48% Soybean Meal R             439.24
48% Soybean Meal T             446.30
Soybean Hulls´┐Żbulk             231.11
Crude Soybean Oil               44.31

Source: USDA-IL Dept of Ag Market News Service, Springfield, IL
        David Humphreys  217-782-4925  AGR.MarketNews@Illinois.gov
        In state only toll free 888-458-4787

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