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Farmer's Cooperative Association has eight locations to serve your needs. Call us, stop by for a visit, or e-mail us with your questions and comments. 
Farmer's Cooperative Association  
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 276, Tonkawa, OK 74653 

Tonkawa Administrative Office 

102 South 7th St. Tonkawa 
Phone: 580-823-1601 

Fax: 580-628-2929 


Hardware Plus  
203 East Grand, Tonkawa 
Phone: 580-823-4171 

Fax: 580-628-2929 

Ponca City  
3522 S. Ranch Dr., Ponca City 

Phone: 580-765-5736 

Fax: 580-765-5752 
313 E. Grand Ave., Tonkawa 
Phone: 580-628-5333 

Fax: 580-628-2818 

902 Birch St., Perry 

Phone: 580-336-2292 

Fax: 580-336-9396 


410 N Main St., Blackwell 

Phone: 580-363-1461 

Fax: 580-363-0515 

5975 N Hwy 77, Braman 

Phone: 580-363-0689 

Fax: 580-363-1474 

527 Broadway, Braman 

Phone: 580-385-2117 

Fax: 580-385-2122 


2193 Kildare Rd, Ponca City 

Phone: 580-362-2213. 

Fax: 580-362-1186

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